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Our valued Knoxville repair customers...

For many years we have serviced and repaired your lawn mowers, riding mowers and other lawn equipment. We loved providing our services to over 2000 customers like you. However, to better serve our customers, with a better alternative and starting in January 2019 we will no longer repair any equipment in our Knoxville location.

In 2017 we began a new service called the Lawn Mower Club and it has had great reviews from our current Knoxville members. We believe that this is the future of using outdoor lawn equipment. We believe so much in the Lawn Mower Club, the service and this better experience for our customers that we are taking this drastic step. 


The idea is simple... "why buy or repair another lawn mower or riding mower when you can use one of ours"!

Frequently asked questions...

1. What is the Lawn Mower Club?

Answer: It is a club that you join that provides you with the equipment for a monthly membership fee. You keep the equipment the entire season. 

2. How much does it cost for membership?

Answer: Surprisingly it is as little as $25.00 per month for a walk mower and $79.00 per month for a riding mower (42"). 

3. Am I responsible for repairs or damage?

Answer: No and No, we cover everything you just fill with gas and use it.

4. What do I do if I already have a lawn mower and want to join the Lawn Mower Club?

Answer: Many times we can purchase your old lawn mower and pick it up when we drop off your Lawn Mower Club Lawn Mower.


5. What equipment do you provide with the Lawn Mower Club?

Answer: In Knoxville we provide both walk and riding mowers of all sizes.

6. How quickly can I receive my Lawn Mower Club mower once I join?

Answer: It depends upon the season, but usually we can get you out your mower with about two weeks. 

7. What if I need more information about the Lawn Mower Club?

Answer: First click here or call us directly at 865-630-0026

#1 Best... Lawn Mower Club

Never buy or repair a lawn mower again... lease one of ours!

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At Mower Genius we realize that sometimes our customers "just wanna cut the grass". Folks just do not want to be bothered with repairing or buying another push or riding mower, only to have issues again. Forget about having expensive lawn services. 

At Mower Genius we have a solution, a final solution. Our customers can cut their own lawn, but will never have to repair or buy a mower again. 

Yes, it is true and inexpensive. Click for details. 

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